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Run a business in Simi Valley?

Receive free digital advice from a Simi Valley local with 18 years of internet marketing experience working with national brands like LegalZoom, Yahoo!, H&M, Jeep, Hudson Jeans, and many more.

Who is Derek Chew?

Derek, a digital marketer who has worked for companies like LegalZoom, Yahoo!, and Omnicom. He offers completely free and independent digital marketing and e-commerce advice to local, independent businesses.

Rather than trying to sell something, Derek simply supports local businesses in the town that he’s proud to call his home – Simi Valley – and wider Ventura County area.

“I love where I live, and I love digital marketing. They’re two things are close to my heart. It’s important to me that the local community continues to thrive in an increasingly difficult retail environment. I want to live in a vibrant community, with shops serving customers’ expectations rather than closing its doors. I believe digital marketing and eCommerce transformation is key to success. That’s why I offer free digital marketing advice to local Simi Valley independent businesses.”

Derek Chew

Committed To Your Success

We’re excited to help your business thrive. Schedule your appointment and let’s talk about your project.


What we’ll talk about:

  • Things you can do to improve your social media
  • Tactics to get your business more traffic to your website
  • Fresh ideas to get more leads or clients
  • And much more…

100% free internet marketing advice!

Your One Click Away From Free Advice

So what's the catch?

There isn’t one!

Derek lives in the Simi Valley community. Like many others, Derek wants to live in a prosperous and successful area – and local businesses make this possible.

By giving back to local independent businesses, Derek can help invest in his family’s future – creating a sustainable and thriving area to call home – resulting in even better living conditions, increased house prices and integrating with the Simi Valley business community.

What local businesses can expect

Derek isn’t offering a service, but rather information, ideas and knowledge-sharing.

He wants to help local businesses create their own self-sufficient digital marketing strategies which transform their retail performance. A few things you can expect include:

  • No sales pitches (ever!) – only free advice, consultancy and recommendations
  • 100% free advice on digital marketing, e-commerce strategy and digital transformation
  • Ideas to leverage digital marketing to grow your business, both online and offline
  • Strategies that cover everything from the basics to advanced tactics
  • And any questions you have about online marketing

So how do you get this free advice?

There’s a number of ways to get in touch with Derek.

The easiest is to reach out on Twitter (@fmdagency). Alternatively, you could email

If you’re ready for your free advice, you can also book your time

Derek is happy to speak on the phone, via email, through tweets or even pop in to meet face-to-face.


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